A pretty cool scenario

I’ve never seen this before. When looking to sign a new fighter to my most popular gym, with multiple world champs in it, I came across these two.

And no, they did not have the same last name when I signed them both, but being the same age, similar weights, and coming from the same city, I changed Joey’s name to Allotey, opened a gym in Ghana, and have these two twins as my first and only (for now) students. In short, I got the boxing brothers scenario in a normal game world lol. Maybe I’ll update this post if/hopefully when one of these guys becomes a champ.


I ended up creating a new game world, so neither guy got up to even contender level. Both brothers had like 5 or 6 fights each, and were both still undefeated. Still, a cool scenario to pop up in-game. I was just ready to start fresh with a new gym.

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