A wee idea no one will be interested in

But, will suggest it all the same :joy:. It would be nice if when you start a new game, your surname is added to the game world for your chosen country. So you could potentially have ‘family members’ under your control.

I think it would be nice at least lol.

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It’s a cool idea!
Family members are coming! Hang in there! We have something interesting coming out (hopefully) in either .09 or .10 that has this and more…!


We’d say more but honestly think it will spoil what we think at least might be a cool surprise/ new feature.

Awesome. I thought it was a bit of a daft idea, but glad it appeals and I’m not a complete weirdo :joy:.

Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves.

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Once we get this (much larger than we thought) update done this week then we’ll start the coding. Team have planned it and looks fun :wink:

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Yeah, could have like a F.Manager, IAP for 99p add son to game, gets great stats as it’s paid for but would be cool and generate a bit extra income for you guys.

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We will be elaborating further on how this will work.

Going to hopefully be more than simply adding a new fighter :wink:

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