AI Challenges to your fighters

Hello. Fairly new to this game. Was addicted to WCBM and this game reminds me of it but far more advanced. My question is….does the AI make challenges to your fighters??

No, it doesn’t, which is one of the things that would make a big difference in the game.

Fighters (and maybe promoters?) could have a ‘respect’ rating (or similar) which goes up depending on the level or record of opponents that are booked as opponents, but also goes up or down depending on whether challenges are accepted.

That way you don’t have to accept a challenge, but if you do decline, the respect rating drops, and maybe that affects whether you get a title shot, or a fight against an established top 10 guy, etc?

Agreed. That would be nice addition

Fight offers will hopefully be coming soon when we get to the fight show/promoters licence end of things :wink: But agree it’s needed.

We made a version of it a while ago and whilst it sort of worked out we didn’t think it was cool as we liked…

That is great news! It will make a world of a difference. It will kind of make it feel like you’re playing with others. Thx!