AJ and Usyk: Amazing

What a fight. What a fight!
Usyk’s tears at the end. Incredible.

Looked to me like Usyk refrained from knocking AJ out in the last seconds of the fight - perhaps because he knew he’d won and, maybe out of respect, didn’t want to unnecessarily hurt AJ.

Then the bell rang (did it go about 5 seconds early?). Strange.

AJ is just too slow. His feet don’t move enough But most of all, I think he thinks too much - he doesn’t fight on passion or aggression. Looks to me that he fights like he is studying a textbook at the end of each round - and is too flustered and anxious to put it into practice. He is a nice guy, maybe too nice. I think he looked anxious, confused, unprepared tactically and totally outclassed.

Trying to box Usyk? Bad idea. Gave away all his advantages. Chisora did a better job against Usyk.

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Yes it was.
Throughly enjoyable fight

Amazing to hear Joshua talking such deluded nonsense today. If he fights Usyk again the guy will do him inside six.

A little bit of self awareness and shutting the fuck up might be advisable for a while. And finally sacking McCracken albeit 4-6 fights too late…

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And before we forget a real undercard shocker.

How long before a/ someone calls Marcus McDonell to account for such shit scoring in the Hatton fight and b/British boxing ends the bullshit of just the ref scoring a fight?

I’ve never thought AJ was great. Good, but not great. Big punch, but where has that gone?
I think he is getting worse.
If I heard correctly, in his corner they were telling him to relax and be calm. I’m not sure he handles the pressure sometimes.
I feel sorry for him actually - he could
be so much better.

I’m not an expert, but after watching Chisora against Usyk, and looking at the physical advantages AJ has over Usyk - I’m confused why he wouldn’t go in and fight, use that weight and strength, get in close and land some real full strength punches. He tried to box a boxer - surely his team knew Usyk is lighter, quicker and extraordinarily good at reading his opponent. Maybe they underestimated Usyk - but I’m not a coach or expert, and I didn’t!

Really enjoyed it. Kind of went how I expected but I did think it would be closer. Surprised AJ didn’t use his weight and size more. Terrible tactics. Usyk was brilliant though.

I think that first Ruiz fight has messed with AJs head though. Doesn’t want to be in any wars. I think Fury would destroy him.

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