All hail Daniel Caraballo, the IBF Welterweight champion for life

After losing both the WBA and IBF titles to Georgian Tornike Siproshvili via KO in an otherwise close fight, Daniel Caraballo found an opportunity to regain a piece of the title when the IBF title went vacant. In a back and forth 10 round bout, Daniel won the title in a hard fought majority decision against another Georgian in George Goniashvili. However, instead of prolonging his title reign through bigger money bouts, Daniel chose to defend his claim as a champion in an ingenious way…… by running off with the title. Since the title was never vacated when he hung up his gloves for the final time, Daniel became the first ever permanent title holder in boxing history.

As long as he chooses to stay in retirement land, there will never again be another boxer who can claim the prestigious title of “Undisputed Welterweight Champion Of The World”.

As of November 19, 2078, more than 16 years have past since Caraballo secured the title for the final time, in his final match.


Love the story mate but am sure ironmike will ruin your day with a update fixing the bug :joy:

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:joy::joy::joy: love this spin on this old school bug. Good stuff mate lol.

This is the best bug report of all time.

Four titles somehow just clicks in crazy ways:)

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Heh, the IBF Welterweight title must be cursed…that’s the same one that I saw get awarded to a retired fighter, who also kept it forever, when the campion vacated it in one of my games awhile back. (That bug was already fixed)

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