An idea - something to spend money on

So one of my few gripes with the game is that you accumulate crazy amounts of money but have nothing to spend it on.

What if you could invest in grassroots boxing in a country. I’m thinking large amounts. Say £50m, and you select a country to invest it in. Perhaps you can do this once a year. And it affects that country for a year - basically results in an increase in young fighters coming through from that country.

A rough suggestion that could be played about with, but you get the idea.


I’d be open to something like this coming along. My current save just surpassed $2.5 billion, would be cool to spend some serious money in hopes of getting an elite prospect out of a program there. Scouting amateurs would also be cool. Being able to put your gym’s influence on a nation where you know there’s talent. Could give you an upper hand in signing a top recruit.


I like these ideas. I ruin game when I get too much money. I open too many gyms and get too many fighters then get bored. Fighters end up been just a name on a screen. Where as I get attached to og’s in stable. I would like there to be a bit more with amateurs/youths. The idea of investing in a country is an interesting idea. Especially if we ever got olympics. It would really spice game up.


I know both of you guys, like me mostly sign boxers from your own country / heritage. Have to imagine many more do this.

This would be a good way to make things interesting after your already successful. It’s not unrealistic either. Sport in the UK got a huge boost after the investment in the London Olympics. I do think it would need to be huge amounts though so it’s not abused. Around £50m feels about right to me.

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:two_hearts::scotland:💗. :face_vomiting::england:👎👎 Don’t tar me with your brush. I will sign anyone from uk and Ireland.haha. I heard your so picking you won’t even sign a weegie.haha.
More I think of this idea the more I like it bring a new lease of life to game.

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Come on man, I bet your gym name is the Brexit gym. Know what you guys are like down south :wink:

Haha. There is a very large number of brexit supporters round here. We get a lot of the bnp or whatever they call themselves now doing marches too. I have Scottish family so I cant fully commit. Haha.
I won’t lie I got really anal and tried finding a good young fighter from Yorkshire to start game with. Gave up after a hour. Haha.
If devs did anything with this idea I would probably play game longer. I still restart game after 5 years or so.

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There’s some good stuff hidden away in the thread :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea as well in there about spending big money to get a boost and a pick of that country’s up and coming talent.

We see the benefits of showing the amateur guys but dont want to spend computer time simulating that level so have held back for that reason alone even though we have considerably sped the game up.

Let’s think about that some more…
Maybe you pay and it turns up rookies on a regular basis… Hmmm. Like it.