Anyone had a fighter like this before?

Finally got his 50 wins… and a frustrating draw early in his career but still undefeated!

Also, check the experience out :joy:

Hands down my favourite fighter I’ve had in all the time I’ve played this game!

Anyone got someone similar to share?!

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Yeah a fair few. This guy springs to mind. These stats are at 18 without any fights :sunglasses:

This guy is exactly what you want to see when you’re looking at rookies!

20 chin and so much green :fire:

Yeah he was maxed out in the end. And then I started a new game by mistake… no joke :joy::joy:

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In terms of records similar there was also this legend. He was in the 3 belt era though. Old school :joy::joy:

You managed to get the 50-0. I’m still gutted my guy had a draw in his 6th fight or something like that :see_no_evil:

This is my best guy in the 3 belt era, dominated the heavyweight division even if he did pick up a fair few Ls… this is him at retirement - box office superstar :joy:

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I think I’d have cried if I did that :joy::joy:

Was the hardest decision to restart to move in to 4 belt mode

Iv done it a few times. Gutted for a few minutes but then I prefer the early stages of the game anyway so it’s not so bad :joy:

I don’t know if it makes me a loser but I kind of like the legacy element of it, almost putting stories around the fighters I’ve had for years and years :joy:

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Not in the slightest mate. That’s the great thing about the game. You can pretty much play it how you like :sunglasses:


Best fighter for me lol

Are all your champs Scottish? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Haha when I start a new game I keep re-starting til I have a good Scot. Keeps it interesting for me. I get plenty English etc as well, but I tend to post my Scots more on these types of threads. We are weird like that in this wee shitty country :joy::joy:

Scotland and the Scottish culture is great. Love it up there.

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That’s what we love about the game as well!