Bans and fines to fighters

Interesting idea but was just thinking to add fighters not making weight or being banned for doping, with potential fines too, if the boxer has a low dedication rating.


Personally I aren’t a fan of idea of bans or missing weight. If you had a average to decent ish fighter, he had 30+ fights unbeaten then finally got chance to get title fight then he got a doping ban. I would be a bit pissed off. But that’s just my personal opinion.

I get what you’re saying but I think it would correlate well with the dedication attribute already in the game obvs higher dedication less chance of missing weight etc, and possibly adding such attribute like a ‘controversy’ attribute which might mean more controversial boxers might have a higher chance of doing something stupid like going to jail or failing a drugs test


You could simply make this as an in game option. Say you have a tab for preferences and this could be called controversy and you could simply toggle it on or off. There could be more preferences like that you could turn on or off, such as for example natural deaths, fighters asking for a hiatus etc.