Better cpu record

I feel like most of the top guys don’t have good records like they do in real life not sure if that’s one thing you guys could fix but would love to see more unbeaten guys or just better records in general


Definitely it would be so much more fun if there was a way to play with more undefeated fighters etc. And if there was a bias towards undefeated fighters like in real life through the boxing rankings.

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Yeah we agree with this.

It’s something that we try to work on a lot. It’s a difficult one as it would be easy for us to fix it so it looked right yet we have never tried to do that as we love the fact that the game world parts such as the fight model and fighters themselves all work in the same way.

Better matchmaking by AI managers in order to look to keep the ‘0’ is where we are currently having most success with this.

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