Betting the bank on my guys early lol

We love the gambling side. We know a lot of players ignore it but it’s cool :grinning:

It’s the typical way I play the game, obviously, you get occasional upsets…however, there appears to be an obvious algorithm / pattern. Early on you typically get offered either 1.031 or 1.054 for your fights, which must be hidden stats?

I normally make money on these bets…once you start getting in international fighters the. It always becomes negligible, I have never bet the bank on top 20 fights!

That’s just a function of the (stochastic) method by which we calculate the odds. They’re just a proportion of the number of simulations we run in calculating the odds. They appear in very one sided fights.

Speaking of gambling, I’d really like to see the estimated winning % on the make fight page based on the gambling odds instead of the way it is now.

The only reason for that is the time taken to generate the odds. We have thought about it but the method of odds compilation is what’s known as Monte Carlo method which means we simulate the actual fight many times to get the likely odds. : )

That’s a really good point, I hadn’t thought of that…match making would take forever if it had to calculate the odds every time you chose a different potential opponent.

Maybe leave it as is but give us the option to calculate betting odds for a potential bout? Just for use as a tiebreaker when we can’t decide between two or three potential opponents…

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We think it gives too much away in that or actually simulates the fight that you’re looking to make. Just too weird;)
That’s why we went for a guess style number.

We have been looking at having matchmakers in the game and one thing they’d do is offer much better analysis at this part of the game….

I’d like to see it renamed as ‘media prediction’.

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Now THAT is excellent! Love that.

Can do something with that😀

When I first started, I saw it as an opportunity to stack cash fast. You are the matchmaker as well as the owner so I mean…why not get a bag while you’re at it.

Makes sense to us :slight_smile:

We love betting and the betting side of the game but appreciate it’s not to everyones taste. :slight_smile: