Boxing Manager Ideas

Just wanted to give some things I’ve seen around the community that I like and developers might enjoy as well such as yearly awards, mandatory challengers, going down a weight class, The Ring Belt, suggested retirement. If anyone has got any more ideas just add them below.


That’s a good summary of our current work load (with exception of the weight stuff which we will be addressing in a “fuller” way hopefully early in the NY) :wink:
As ever what makes it out immediately and what gets stashed away for a better time we never know until we play it:)

As well as the first Android/Unity release which will be appearing some time in the not too distant future.


I had another idea in mind. Maybe you guys could add achievements into the game and give the achievements names and some of the names could reference real life fighters example below.

Achievement Name:TBE
Requirements: go 50-0 with any fighter

Achievement Name:PAC-MAN
Requirement: win a belt in 8 divisions

Achievement Name:Old Timer
Requirement: Have a fighter fight until the age of 40

Achievement Name:God Of Boxing
Requirement: win every belt in every division with one fighter

I just think it would be good for the game since it could give players more things to accomplish and you could award players with xp and money for gettin a achievement


I like this. Good shout.

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Thanks for that.

We’ve had achievements on the back burner for a while now and thanks for the prod :slight_smile:

Love the idea of the names. :):):slight_smile:

It’s something I’ve been requesting for a little but I think save files would be a good idea

Is there a chance a fighters birth date and year could be added?

Natural weight, current weight, reach and height would be a nice addition.
Even better if these things affected the game. Training/metabolism could impact how easy or difficult it is to make a weight.

A profile page for each fighter which lists the belts won, awards, career highlights etc.

These are things I would most like at the moment.


And allow fighters to retire after a win


There are certainly ways to go about to personalize the fighters more. One obvious such way of course would be to add height. I would suggest all fighters have different styles as well. It could be something as simple as for example if they were to be either Boxer, Puncher or Boxer/Puncher and then secondary they could perhaps be either Offensive, Defensive or Neutral. Different combinations of those would make for 9 different types of fighters.

If their style would then correspond to them being more effective with different strategies, that would really make things interesting. A tall fighter would be more effective jabbing and moving than a shorter fighter for example. An offensive fighter would do better with pile on pressure an offensive puncher would have a better chance going for a KO etc. I think things like that would make for a very interesting game.

New fighter attributes: Hand speed, Foot work.

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For our next major version update fighter types as you describe will be implemented in something like this way. We’re quite a way forward in this and, as you say, it does make for a MUCH more interesting element to the game in both making fights but also in how strategies and fight instructions are implemented.

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