Boxing questions about the new update and others

1)what is the progress of the new update? is close or far for being done? 2)is in the new update we gonna be able to make our stable/promotion where we gonna make our fighters fight each other? 3)i think months ago i read about ai managers, are you gonna add ai managers? and if yes they gonna have there own stables/promotion? 4)are you gonna add a women roster? 5)how it goes with pc version? can i make a donation?

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We will be giving out a view more details soon.

1/ hard to gauge progress but most of the major new features are now added and are in test. UI changes nearly finished but we have one more process there to do. Still what feels like a fair amount to do to get it where we want…

2/ yes in some situations and more than simply the way we do it at present. We think it’s cool :slight_smile:

3/ … :wink:

4/ not unless we get lots of more requests. IOHO The depth isn’t there for a fun game…

5/we hope to launch a kickstarter once this is iOS update is out “in some way”.

We will have more details soon. As we have always said, BM is about creating a more and more realistic boxing game-world and ever more entertaining and compelling gameplay… We think this is getting there… :slight_smile: