Bug - News Stories

Spotted a small bug with the news stories. Story is saying boxer defending undisputed belt. But he only holds 1 belt (only belt he has ever held)

Another example of same bug. It’s not doing this for all belts. Seems pretty random.

thanks for that.

The easy end to Friday has evaporated :slight_smile:

Haha sorry. Good news is I’m heading out soon so probably no more bugs found today :joy::joy:

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It’s just you who sends them here. The other tests use email and TestFlight :wink:

Yeah I think I asked before what you preferred. I tend to just post here in case others have had anything similar and can add to it.

And just as I wrote that Tony did that very thing :joy:

Happy to do it from TestFlight if preferred though. Bit of a pain getting info in all different ways.

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