Bug regarding signing

I tried to recreate this but it didnt work (I think due to my boxer resigning)… however when I go into my boxers profile, click career growth, click on his last fight, look at his last opponents record… go back to my boxers profile and resign him, it signs his last opponent. This happened before but I thought I had done it by mistake, I know I haven’t because the guy is from austalia and we dont even hold a world title yet and are based out of the usa. also it wont let me find 1 fight for him which makes no sense.

I’ve had this happen too and I ended up setting them up with someone else from the gym and ko’d them, thankfully they retired so the problem was gone, but then I even once somehow managed to sign a former opponent that was now retired.

I can never recreate it either, just happens sometime when trying to renew a contract after viewing the profile of another fighter :rofl:

We will try to investigate this.