Can you unify the belts?

Great to see the new game, been looking forward to this since you announced different titles would be added.

But can you unify them? Iv had a champion for a while but never Iv had an option to fight another champion.

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The opportunities for unification are currently set to (VERY) low so very rare for it to happen or be offered, just whilst we see how all the various fight schedule models work with lots of people using it.

The various full suite of title shenanigans, unifications, splits etc are coming soon once we’ve switched on the regional titles.


Good stuff, that totally seems the right way to go about it. Just wanted to know it was possible.

Can I also ask, I have a boxer sitting on 22-0 and he is no1 ranked with one of the feds. But no title shot being offered. Is this just a bug?

Shouldn’t be but you never know. We’re building a list up for a quick update…
We had one earlier that hung there for weeks then got the shot.
Which of the feds was it?

It’s the left Fed. It’s a bit of a weird one, he is ranked 1, 171, 147. So he is not even getting any decent fights. His stats are almost completely maxed by the way.

Anyway, awesome game. Look forward to seeing how it develops. Spent a crazy amount of time on the last game.

If possible, can you put up a screenshot of him as well as his fight record?

Of course, no problem. He has had a few more fights. His ranking is going up in the other feds so hopefully that resolves it. Check out his stats by the way. Best Iv had in either game I think!


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Ok, those are mental stats…

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Could you send screenshots of the earlier fights in his career? Have you managed him for all his career fights?

Bonkers stats eh. No wonder no one will fight him. Further screenshots below.

Just got that unification shot with that other boxer, which he lost. My man bottled it when it was all on the line!

And yeah, he was one of my 4 starting boxers.

Incredible starter boxer! Best I’ve seen, mental stats.

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Yeah we’ll make sure that never happens again :wink:

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For your info, he has been given the title shot now. Here is a screenshot of him at the stage he was given the title option, in case you need it.

He has got his shot quicker than Dillian Whyte at least.

Good to see.

One of things that make creating a boxing game like this is the total lack of rules in terms of how the sport is organised.

No fixture list, no obvious method to rankings etc etc.

Just a weird equation of money x bullshit…

Totally. Must have been a bit of a challenge to make the different federations work, given how completely random it is irl. Pretty much nailed it I would say.

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Nailed it’s probably a bit strong. We’re on our way…

Having this new forum makes a big difference in how we can communicate and include players in the process…


When you move up the belts that you vacate stay vacant.