Changing Weight Class

Feature where we can move up or down weight classes whenever we want? Not only when you have a belt.

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I imagine this area will be revamped later when the developers get to it. It’s been mentioned here a few times. I’d like to move up/down weights more freely.


Would you put a limit on moving up and down weight classes?

I think there has to be. Or at least the stats drop If the boxer is not good enough should make it not worthwhile. No way you should be able to go from lightweight to heavyweight for example.

I think they have already done a bit of work In this area. Started new game few days ago and got a light heavy champ. Moved him up to heavyweight. Even though when I moved up, everything was green and indicated it wouldn’t be a problem moving up. His chin and resistance took a hit and think his power too.

I think it could be linked to a boxer’s natural weight. There could be natural weight (or easiest weight to maintain) and current weight. Stray too far and you lose important stats.