Clarification on Conditioning attribute

I think I understand what most attributes are, but struggling to distinguish conditioning from stamina, and what effect it has in game.

Does anyone have any clarification on Conditioning?

I don’t know if this is correct at all, but I have always thought it is how quickly you recover between fights. Stamina would affect you in fights.

To be honest I’m not sure how important they really are. I often adjust my training at the expense of stamina.

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That’s a great summary of how it works.
There are modifiers here and there with regard to trainers as well.

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Thanks both, that’s perfect

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Hmm I had assumed stamina would be a key attribute? I always try and train for it so my fighters have energy to jab and move in the later rounds etc.

Not sure if conditioning is worth anything

Essentially all stats have a part to play I think. But some can be lower if other stats allow it.

For example ring generalship is probably the most important stat. But you can have great success with lower ring gen (14ish) if you have 20 for aggression, power and accuracy.

For me low stamina doesn’t work well with low takes punishment and chin. But if you have great stats there I tend to just leave the stamina (or sacrifice it for ring gen)

It’s one of the rarer attributes in that it is used to modify other attributes.
It affects a number of things, natural rate of Training growth and fitness development and factoring at fight time.