Didn’t realise you couldn’t extend a contract after booking a fight :(

Booked a fight for one of my guys with one fight left on his contract, went to extend a new deal and found that the option isn’t there :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

These fighters ain’t playing about their money.

That’s why we put up the warning with two fights to go! :slight_smile:

You get plenty warnings in fairness.

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Indeed, I just didn’t realise once a fighter is booked you can’t discuss contracts. I knew he was on his last fight, and as soon as booked went to extend instead of the other way round.

Live and learn I guess

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I rationalised it in my game that despite me and the fighter being happy to work with each other, their entourage thought they should have had a title shot, and won the tug of war for the fighter’s ear.

I’ve got other fighters I want to see their careers pan out, so don’t want to abandon the game