Difficulty? Opinions?

Is the game still a little
bit too easy? Too many undisputed champions? Too many billionaires? Too many ‘20s’ in the fighter ratings?

What do people think?

Personally, I’d like these things to
be rare and very difficult
to achieve.

I agree mainly with punch power 20 is almost the standard.

Thanks for the post.

We were having this exact discussion this week.

Too much money (still) and too many higher ratings.

We were largely in total agreement as a team about this and great to see a post on this topic.
We are looking at ways to implement this without affecting existing games. The biggest issue (as the rest is straightforward) is managing the immediate bump to fighter contract values at fight time.

We will, as we do with all posts, monitor the feedback and change accordingly over the coming weeks.

We have lots planned for the year across a range of things and are just taking this month to plan not least with so much disruption already in our work due to Covid etc.

Perhaps a poll would be useful here…:slight_smile:

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I think it would be good to give the option of easy / medium / hard or along those lines if possible. I know there is sandbox mode… but I think to keep everyone happy the user should get the choice on how challenging it is for them. I personally think it is much more rewarding doing well at a higher difficulty. And maybe playing at the higher difficulty means the user gains more points for the leaderboard.

I would be careful about making the game too difficult. Personally I think the early stages work well. It takes quite a while to get a champion, and that depends on what your starter boxers are like.

Main issue I think is that you gain huge money once your successful but have nothing to spend it on. This gives off the impression it’s too easy imo. Things that could be added are buying offices, more advanced gym improvement, spend money on youth development which could influence rookies you are offered. Even buy venues etc.

I don’t think it’s an issue that you end up with lots of champions. This is accurate for the likes of Top Rank and Matchroom.

Boxers stats could be nerfed, but then you could have a situation where one boxer is miles better and unbeatable. In my experience you tend to get lots of top boxers with similar stats. As long as your not deliberately matching them up with the worst boxer all the time, then I don’t see it as a huge issue.

Anyway, just my thoughts on it.


Aside from generally reducing contract values for middle ranked and upwards fighters we won’t change a thing as game play feels good.

Champions don’t decline fast enough though which again makes game over easy at once at the top.

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Good stuff. I recently started a new game after a break and I feel it’s playing great. Is on this forum probably play the game way more than your average player. Any game gets pretty easy when you become an expert at it.

Oh one thing I would change however… I don’t think you should be able to sign any boxer in the world to any gym once you are successful. It should still be linked to continent. So if you want to sign a top young Mexican, you are going to need to open a Mexican/USA etc gym. Imo it’s at that stage that the game does get a bit easy as you can suddenly buy a world class rookie every 4 weeks. This would mean you would have to make multiple gyms be super successful to get the top talent around the world.