Do I start a fresh save?

First and foremost love this game…I pretty much have an addiction to it! However the question is do I start my save all over again……

I’m currently 15 years deep into my Save with over 110 fighters signed to gyms all over the globe. Made hundreds of millions and along with that have multiple hall of famers so I somewhat feel like I’ve completed the game.

Do I continue my current save and continue dominating the world or boxing or start a fresh….

Start a new game. Whilst it’s hard to leave behind all the characters and stuff you’ve experienced there’s something invigorating starting again.

Maybe try the harder (new) financial model game or the two Brothers scenario?

Thanks for the reply! This current save started off via the two brothers mode, however I’m now definitely gonna give the new mode your talking about a try!


Glad you took the brothers so far!

The new financial mode is something we are testing out ahead of it appearing (at some point) in the fight show/promoter module we are heavily working on…