Does fighters disliking each other factor into renegotiating?

I’m loving this game so far it’s very addictive but I’ve spent hours on a few different saves and I always end up running into the same problem - eventually the option to renegotiate with my fighters disappears even though I have a perfect relationship with them. I paid attention on my latest save and the boxer who I can’t resign has a perfect relationship with me but he strongly dislikes all 3 of my other fighters. If I were to cut the fighters he dislikes would the option to renegotiate with him appear?

He has a fight this week and don’t want to keep playing because I’m hoping there’s a way I can still resign him. In my experience so far if you don’t resign a fighter they don’t show back up to sign again. He’s a 7-0 heavyweight all 7 wins are KO’s and he’s the only guy who makes money for me, although it’s still very little.


It’s very rare for a fighter not to re-sign if they are winning. Weird if you keep encountering it, as iv not had this issue for a long time. Are you on the latest game update?

To be honest I don’t think relationships with other boxers would stop them signing for you. Not something iv ever experienced anyway. How is their ranking position, compared to the expected? It could be that. Its a good idea to wait after a fight for the ranking update to take place (every 4 weeks). After that, you can fight higher ranked boxers and move up the rankings a lot quicker.

Also, leave it until there is only 2 (or 1) fights left. It’s normal for them to not sign if they have more fights than that.

Hey thanks for the reply. I bought the game a long time ago and just started playing so I didn’t bother to update it but I’ve been on v1.02.08 this whole time. I updated the game but still wasn’t able to resign the fighter, but I’m expecting that starting a new save will fix the problem. Not sure why I didn’t think to check for an update. I’ll report back if I run into the problem again.

No problem man. It was an issue that was in the game a while ago but iv not heard anyone mention it for ages. Yeah i think starting a new game is probably your best option. Good idea to keep on top of the latest builds as the devs put in loads of cool updates and are quick to fix issues.

I lost a fighter as I didn’t realise that you can’t negotiate a contract when a fighter has a bout booked.

So if they only had one fight left on the contract, there was no way you keep him after you booked his final fight

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Yeah I’m really happy I updated. The new mode where you create 2 sons is a cool addition. I’ve been addicted to the game lately so to get a new mode that I wasn’t expecting is great.

Do you know if it’s possible to have more than one save at a time?

Nah just the one save at the moment. It’s something that’s been suggested though so possibly see it one day.

Nah. You get 2 warnings about his contract when you set up fights when near end of contract though. Need to just take it on the chin and not do it again :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting thread.

That’s a long time to not upgrade :slight_smile: So much cool new stuff in between those 20 odd updates. Glad you’re enjoying the newer version.

I realised that a few months ago, was just trying to offer the OP another bit of advice :slightly_smiling_face: