Feedback About a Second Gym


I love expanding into a massive empire in this game. I always start with a USA gym which tends to become my international and largest earning gym. Then, I go for locations like Russia, the UK, maybe Mexico. And try to develop prospects from the various regions. My only issue is the availability of trainers. I understand that maybe some countries shouldn’t have many. But for example in Russia there’s only 2 trainers. And no matter how accomplished the gym becomes, there’s no international trainers. If I have multiple title holders, and become a power house, maybe similar to the expansion of available fighters, more trainers could become available?

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I think it should be like the fighters where some of the best rating trainers should become available

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That’s what I was thinking as well. Better trainers should become available. Or at the very least, trainers from other countries

I agree completely . I actually have a problem with my US gym. My Mexico gym has my best trainer, same with my UK, but all my dominant fighters are at the USA gym.

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Now that’s a fair observation and talking point Caleb. Noted…:slight_smile: