Fighter of the Year in Honours Tab?

Does winning Fighter of the Year show up in the Honours tab? Since it was added, my best fighter won the award but it doesn’t show in there. Is it just me or is it all of us?

It’s supposed to be in the records tab. Was removed in the latest build by accident but it’s a known bug.

The game closes down when I select it

I mean like if my fighter wins it, shouldn’t it go under Honours since he won an award? Like how he has won belts

That’s the records tab glitch, I mean under the Honours where it says the titles the fighter has won

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Ah I got you. Yeah that would be a nice touch I agree.

Yeah that would be cool. :wink:

In fact so cool (and we love a quick feature bump) that we’ve just thrown it in the game and this will be out in the full version later this week. :slight_smile:
Thanks @Rysem2