Fighter personalities and greater depth

All fighters will have a few new attributes added so that we can increase the depth of each fighter as well as the nature of your relationship with them.

Each fighter will now have a relationship with other fighters in their gym (and elsewhere to follow…)

The first feature we will use this in is with regard to cancelling and expiring contracts. It will be possible to cancel contracts however this will impact (positively or negatively) on other fighters in the gym.

There are five states of relationship ranging from friends to strong dislike. Cancelling of fighters who are friends with other fighters in the gym will cause your relationships with their friends to deteriorate. On the flip side if there’s a guy in the gym who everyone hates (we’ve one in our test game at present), then when you sack them it’s little short of party time and your relationship with those who dislike them increases…

As every there’s a lot going on under the bonnet to make these work and work in a believable way…

This will be the first part of adding much more detail to fighters from personalities, press conferences and more personal interaction to a proper weight management system.

These will appear in the Beta version first.

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This is a real nice addition. Look forward to seeing how this develops.

Sounds excellent.
Great post.

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Thanks :wink: It’s going to be fun rolling all this stuff out. Slowly will be the key as the changes can be quite dramatic. Not least in a world when gyms just roll along automatically.