Fighter styles and preferred styles

A description of how fighter styles work in Boxing Manager (1.06.00 upwards).

There are five fighter styles - Pressure fighter, boxer, brawler, Counter puncher and Boxer puncher.

Each fighter has one dominant fighting style.
This is determined through a combination of the fighter’s attributes.
For example, a fighter can be a Boxer.

In addition to a fighting style, each fighter also has a attribute rating when fighting AGAINST each of the styles.
These values are displayed on the fighter screen. These are shown from 1 to 20 with 1 representing a poor ability against that style and 20 being a fighter extremely able against that type of fighters.

For example, your fighter has a high value/preference for Pressure, Brawler and Counter but low value/preferences for Boxer and Boxer Puncher.

This means matching them against fighter’s whose style is either Pressure, Brawler or Counter specific attributes are increased at fight time to show for this greater ability against the style.

Conversely, if the fighter is meeting someone where they have a low preference their attributes will be adjusted downwards to reflect this.

Whilst appearing as just a single comparison it is vital that managers understand the positive and negative effect of matching style preferences. A fighter who is fighting against a style which they are not strong in will be seriously disadvantaged by this.

Whilst they may have an advantage in terms of comparable Ring Generalship attributes, matchmaking fights with a mismatched style can result in that advantage being significantly undermined during the fight.


Sounds great! When will version 1.06 be available in the App Store?

This update has made the game a lot harder. I’m losing a lot more fights than I normally would. Especially title fights. Still getting to grips with the mechanics. Just what the game needed in my opinion.


The update mentions that the styles also affect fight strategy. Would that mean that some styles are suited for certain fight instructions or is that just generally speaking?

At present this is very much in a general sense, we hope to make more specific changes and connections between fight tactics and fighter styles once the styles have bedded in a bit more:)

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How do I form a counter puncher ?

At present fighting styles are fixed

We are looking at ways through gameplay how we allow fighters to adapt the styles.

I really like that idea of (potentially) changing styles. Mainly i’d think as fighters age and probably more so as they go up the levels.

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Totally agree with this and again we’re looking at how these evolve :slight_smile: