Game Manual Clarification

Is the Game Manual still valid?

For example, there is this section about fighter potential:

“For example, a fighter can receive additional Potential after a fight. Whilst each fighter’s characteristics are unique to themselves, the chance of a fighter with potential of 15 receiving additional potential after winning a fight is 40%. A fighter with a potential of 9 would see around a 20% chance of extra potential. Whilst a fighter with a Potential of 3 would only have a 5% per winning fight of increasing their Potential.”

Is this still valid? In the Boxing Brothers scenario each starts with 20 potential (which I’m assuming can’t exceed 20), but I don’t see the growth rate described above. It appears to me that the likelihood of increasing Potential is higher when a boxer fights an opponent with lower likelihood of winning or wins by KO.

I spent 3 points of Ring Generalship to make space for future growth but it took me about 8 fights to get my first extra potential with both fighters. If the above is valid, this outcome would happen in .00004% of tries and I’ve seen similar behavior when restarting.

Can someone clarify this mechanism or offer tips?


In short this needs an upgrade.

We will look at a revision of the manual. It’s, as you have pointed out, in need of it.