Games crashes after fight ends constantly

Anyone else have a save like this I’m in week 728 every time I go to the same fight as soon as it finishes it instantly crashes the game I have reloaded loads off time still o joy I was just pushing 30 billion aswell

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Yes, mines doing the exact same

Had to start a new game

Yes mines doing the same. Plus I’ve made an in-app purchase

Yeh I did aswell had to start again and now I cannot get any Intrested fighters at all even though I have champs in my gym still the same four guys lol

Exactly the same. This latest update has ruined the game

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We are looking at what’s happened here and will post and update.

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Thank you guys had a great gym set up had in app purchases aswell had to start a new game very sad especially as I had a triple weight undisputed god lol

Don’t worry we are on it…

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We believe this issue as is the case with the lack of interested fighters seems to affect only the Sandbox mode. If anyone is experiencing this outside of the sandbox mode please let us know.

This issue is now closed and fixed as of v1.00.12