Going up against a beast!

You should have some success with jab & move, using the ring?

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I haven’t had much success with using the ring but definitely Jab and move. Do you think that using the ring is affective? I’ll certainly start using it again if that’s the case.

Thank you :pray:
For your advice I appreciate it.


There are times when a power puncher, particularly in the heavier divisions, gets worn down chasing someone around the ring. Then you can switch to in-fighting or natural style and really take advantage in the later rounds.


The fight instructions make more and more sense as we play the game. It admittedly does take a while to identify the real differences but they are there and very powerful once you get the right instruction at the right time with the right fighter.


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I think I may be in the minority of never using ring tactics. Takes me too much out of the realism. Gives me images of Bob Arum at ringside telling Tyson Fury to stick and move :joy:

So you only do natural style?

I just don’t ever touch it. So yeah it sticks at natural.

Pile on the Pressure:)
To increase the chance of stoppage/ko and increase chance of Box Office:)

Just saying…:slight_smile:

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Since you dropped this hint, I’ve used apply pressure a lot more to great result. Just a heads up - against a powerful fighter it can result in you getting knocked down and potentially KO’d, so try to deploy it after you’ve worn down an opponent’s energy.