Hall of Fame question

We’re in the process of revamping the Hall of Fame section into something more worthy of its name as well as adding a few other accolades.

We did wonder though at what point players thought retired fighters should become eligible for Hall of Fame induction? At present it is 1 year after retirement.

Longer/shorter/about right?

As ever we look forward to hearing your views.

I think it’s fine how it is. What other accolades are you looking at?

I think a year after is about right.

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We’ve a couple that we’re working on. Will be out shortly if all things are good in the world. :wink:

Could we ever get yearly awards like Fighter of the year Rookie of the year Fight of the year etc?

Yes :slight_smile:

It is a possibility and that’s one vote in favour of it.

Plus ours so that’s +2


I’d vote for that as well

If you had yearly awards it would be good to have an achievements screen for fighters that show what titles they’ve won and what weights they’ve won them at and show awards they’ve won as well

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+3… it makes all the difference

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Make it +4 cause I’m down

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The new beta has Fighter of the Year added. :wink: