Heavyweight Goat


Nice work indeed!

Cool name as well.

That’s insane set of stats. Thick as pig shit but still :slight_smile:

On the flip side he’ll age quickly we think.

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So if intelligence is low, does that mean he has the skills but doesn’t know how/when to use them effectively?

Not sure what intelligence refers to - if it can be very low while stats are high. Unless performance suffers due to low intelligence and an inability to make judgements about when and how to use the skills.

What is the impact of the low intelligence in this case?

Implementation of strategy is one area.
Another is a lesser ability to pick up certain areas of training.

Got it.
Thanks for clarifying. I’m not always sure what impact different stats have.

Can you remember how much potential growth he had? He looks a beast. Fury would still beat him though. :joy:

I think he had like 17 or 18. He had a shit ton of potential.