Help, need to unify


I have a fighter who is 38 - 0 (36)
GBF world champion 14 - 0 title fights (14)
Ranked 1 for other belts however not options ever to unify or fight for other belts??

Since the latest update I have never had the option to unify. I don’t think it’s a possibility anymore. Played over 200 weeks on a brand new save (old saves were glitching) and have multiple world champions yet never see another belt holder as an option to fight, even if rank 1 in the other factions.

The probabilities we have set, given just eight weights and three titles, make the likelihood very remote if modelled as well have. We will look to make these more prevalent than we currently have.
The whole world title thing will be significant altered once we have regional titles (next big update)

The control of title fights will be substantially dictated by each organisation rather than by managers as at present.


Sounds good when is update expected

Next update sounds great.

We never give a date as guaranteed to not make it.

What we are doing is working hard on it but also will take the opportunity if we can do a couple of small feature bumps ahead of the big one (plus a couple of bug fixes). That’s the most likely approach. At moment we’ve also many people on summer holidays so everything is a bit slow for next week. :slight_smile:

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I’m 7 years into a new game but have never seen a unification offer. I have a heavyweight with 20 successful defences yet nothing.

Have to say I feel that its a big step backwords not being able to unify. I understand It was too easy before, but it’s totally unrealistic at the moment. In the UK alone we have Joshua, Fury, Smith and Josh Taylor all unified champions (I’m including Ring belts).

Is there any plans to adjust this so that it still happens on occasions? Feels like a big part of the game has been removed.

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Yes a whole new title management upgrade is what we’re working on as we type. Hopefully this will be done in a few days…

Agree that it’s just not right without the unifying but also that the titles need to be "controlled’ by the title organisations themselves not simply by managers… As ever getting the balance is what counts and on this occasion we didn’t get it right.

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Good to hear. Like the idea of the federations being more involved as well. Look forward to seeing how it’s all implemented.