Help please losing my new top prospect

My new top prospect Scottish fighter won’t sign a new contract so frustrating because I have a top gym world class fighters and would have such a good run at this kid don’t understand why he’s upset had good fights KO’d everyone. I had this happen to another fighter aswell recently think this shouldn’t happen in my opinion.

Wish I could give him money or something to persuade him to stay

The next update we are working on is all about fighter relationships and personalities.

Actually, that doesn’t help here :wink:

But in effect why these sort of situations will become a LOT more obvious as we do the next update or so and fighter personalities and the nature of their relationship with you and their fellow gym mates becomes more obvious.

We’re keen as ever to acknowledge where we need to improve. The game feeding back enough info so that you know why something has happened is an area we know we have to get better at.