Hmmm what do you guys think?

Would you sign him??

Yes, go for it. He is good.

Try to get his dedication up if you want to keep him for a long time.

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Yes. Definitely someone to have fun with :slight_smile:

From Kenya too, pretty cool. I would def sign him he looks like a decent age as well. Too bad hes not 18 :frowning: would have loads more time to develop. his skills are great tho…

With some of the lower stats I think I would just send him out on look for the ko every fight and hope for the best, but should be fun with high box office haha

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I’m curious why your even asking? He is amazing.

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You’ll be HOF in the first 10-15 fights, but I think that lack of aggression is going to get you beat up against real contenders and frustrated?

Just for conversation honestly lol. My stable was maxed out and I would have to drop someone to get him so I was also getting other opinions

Very rarely you will get a better option than that. Already maxed on key stats and accuracy could be improved quickly.