Hot Mexican Prospect

I think I’ve found myself a Mini Carnelo, hopefully can boost his power throughout his career but definitely one to take to the top

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I just thought, while looking at these stats, that there could be stats for different types of punch (Left jab, left uppercut, etc.) and speed or movement around ring. Maybe that could be called agility.

If a fighter had stats for different types of punch and maybe some vulnerabilities too (if the defense stat was broken down into specific strengths and weaknesses relating to defense) - this could relate to how a boxer trains for a fight (instructions on what to train for would also need some development).

So for example, if an opposition fighter is known for being very quick/agile and has a very strong right uppercut - you would train for that before the fight. I think this would
make the game really interesting and give fighters a lot more character.

There are fair few of these that are background attributes that we just haven’t gotten to the state of showing. We have punch distribution and speed and foot movement in there.

Our next bit of work is probably going to be to give fighters more detail and exposing these attributes could be part of it. We originally kept them in the background due to screen size and simplicity but guess we’re past that now :):slight_smile: