Huge performance upgrade and other things

Are all available by upgrading to our latest version.

We’ve made some huge performance gains in both new game process and, more importantly, the advance game time.

Plus the Honours screen is now (we hope/think) working 100% good.

And we’ve increased the amount of Hall of Fame inductees per year.

Now we are pretty comfortable with game speeds we can introduce the slew of big new features we are working on at present.

BM Team


Getting a crash every other time I go to a stable fight (3 out of 5 times so far)
I always check the odds, then go to the Corner, then click start fight

The crash happens when I click start fight

We will pm you regarding this.

YEs we can see it happens sometimes if you create odds then view fight. It seems to work out if you go back into fight. We will sort this quickly.

We have submitted a fix for this to Apple and hopefully that version (1.02.27) will be out in next 48 hours.

Aye it’s showing properly now

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This is now fixed in the currently available version.

Yup, all seems good now. :ok_hand:

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