In house fights

Is it possible to make your fighters fight each other I have 2 lightweights one has 3 belts the other has the last

Not if they’re in the same gym. It was allowed a long while ago, but it was deemed too unrealistic and dropped. There has been talk recently on here about pitching fighters in your stable to move to different gyms within your control, so that those fights would be possible. No word on that officially but I think that it would be a good add to the game. I too have had similar situations pop up in my game worlds and it’s always kinda annoying to never have an undisputed champ or have to move a guy up in weight, where he may or may not be negatively affected stats-wise and be a lesser fighter.

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That’s a pain as I’ve now got 2 feathers has all 4 belts with 5 defences so I don’t want to move up and the other is no1 for all 4

Yeah we are looking at the scenarios for that and just don’t want to make it as simple as switching gyms.
Does the fighter like the new trainer and what’s the effect of it all. Again feels abusable so we’re less up for this than we might/should be. As always we listen to players :slight_smile:

We are also trying to address it in the fight shows/“promoters licence” work. That in theory allows for it as it does co-promotions etc etc. We are though still some way off that as it’s such a big and dramatic change/extension of game play… :slight_smile: