Is this a robbery?

I dont understand this

That’s a weird one.
We aren’t sure what happened there. Let us investigate this a little.

What are the judges scores?

Ok, that’s makes sense now.

Robbery maybe, very unlucky with judges, definitely.

We need to give show these judges names and attributes etc so people can get more context why these “British” judging decisions are sometimes the way they are.

And whilst we are on the topic we think when we do show judges personal info that we will use a pool of judges that are the same across everyone’s game world. Or at least provide this as an option. Be good for people to share the pain of judging such as this.

I’d have Montoya by three based on the stats, definitely seems harsh to me

Definitely harsh but also well within the realms of probability.
Again when we show judges attributes these type of decisions will be no less irritating but at least you can put a name to those incompetent ones:)

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No doubt, I’ve had fights where I’m sure my guy has lost, but somehow got the decision. Have to take the rough with the smooth