Loss Title Rankings

I have a boxer who I moved up a weight class. He was initially ranked 1/1/1 in the new class, won the title in his 2nd bout and successfully defended it 3 or 4 times. When lost his ranking went from title/2/1 to 583/1/583. I can’t get fights with anyone other than fighters in the late 500 rankings, I’m losing millions per fight and I can’t get him to move up.

We have other reports of this and it’s our number one priority to fix. We have struggled to reproduce so any extra info is good but as ever we will get it. Now we nearly back from holidays we hope to squash this ASAP as well as offer a hot fix.

Could you send us a screenshot of the fighter’s career record if possible? As well as that of the guy he lost the title to?

Sure, I’ve had him fight a few times since. Looking though rankings it looks like it happens to the non my gym fighters as well.

Thanks. Very helpful.

Same thing with my fighters

Fighter attributes are crazy. Especially at age 40.
That has to be very hard or incredibly unlikely to occur for the game to resemble reality.

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Similar one happen again, what’s interesting is prior to dropping to bottom of rankings, the fighter goes unranked. Don’t know if that helps trouble shoot.

Hi, yes it does. All fighters on losing a title becomes temporarily unranked but the issue is when they come back at something altogether wrong.

We believe we have found the set of conditions causing this. Can we ask what game week you were on?

A new build is off to the beta testing group and hopefully if it doesn’t get reproduced then it will update in the main game towards the middle-end of this week.

Isn’t that the column on left of fight? Week 666

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Ah yes… :)! It’s been a long day…

This is due to the error of Potential being reset on signing contracts. Going, going, gone as of the version in beta :wink: