Main Menu items

As the game adapts so does the need for different forms of information on the main menu of the game.

To accommodate news and fight offers (coming soon) we are moving some things about and wondered what easy to access or useful items people would like to see on the Main Menu aside from the current items as Your Fighters, News, Gyms etc.

We look forward to hearing.

Won’t be surprised I have an opinion on this. Total pain in the arse I am lol.

But I would like your boxers to be split in 2. A box for your current champions and another for the rest. Would just be a bit neater when you have loads of champs. And nice to see them all together.

I’m also not sure upcoming fights is needed. I never pay any notice to that.

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Not a pain at all!
We love hearing what other players think.
It’s how we got the game as cool as it is :slight_smile:

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I think getting rid of the gyms in the top right corner might be a nice feature and maybe extending the news box so you can scroll and maybe getting rid of the upcoming fights section and adding in your stables current world champions or maybe the European champions?