Marshall Vs Shields

I’m looking forward to this. Anyone else?

I really like the contrast of characters and the way Savanna conducts herself in interviews. I really hope she wins - she seems like a nice person and very humble. Good sense of humour too.

The clash of styles will be very interesting. For me, Savanna Marshall is a very entertaining fighter (and has a high KO percentage) - definitely one of my favorite boxers.

Kind of but more just in the hope that Shields loses. I can’t stand all the race baiting etc. Any time I hear her I just think man America is one messed up place.

I can’t wait for this one.

This’ll be a UFC weekend for me lol. Don’t really care about any of the fights on the card.

War Chimaev!

Well all sport off in the UK this week. Best I keep my feelings about that to myself :rofl:


Do share at this moment of national grief :wink:

Load of pish in my opinion mate. I was more upset when Ray Liotta died :rofl:


I should remind all of my UK friends that UFC is still on for Saturday lol. And ProBox has a meh card tonight that could be worth streaming


Thanks for heads up. :slight_smile: Might finally check out the ProBox sub.

Do it. Biggest hidden gem in combat sports right now imo. $2 a month or $18 dollars a year for a couple of events a month and a podcast featuring RJJ, Antonio Tarver, and a couple of other former champs. Fighters aren’t elite by any means, mostly C level guys, but the fights are always entertaining because the Pro Box show runners pre screen fighters to make sure they’re entertaining guys to make fun fights. And some nice prospects too.

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will probably do that…:slight_smile:

1 Like has Pro Box stream if you wanna see a card without committing to the subscription.

The boxing could have gone ahead with some kind of video tribute and national anthem before the event for those who support or have an interest in the monarchy.

I’m quite disappointed.