My First Ever 3 Division Champ

Never would have thought that this guy would’ve been my first successful boxer to become a three division champ in-game. Not that he’s a bad fighter, but I’ve had truly elite fighters fail to reach this milestone. Is he a future HOFer?


Nice work.

Definite Hall of Fame if he keeps going. But all depends on who else is in that game world. There’s inevitably a queue building of fighters due entry :slight_smile:

We often wonder how to expand the HoF so that it extends across all of a player’s save games…


That’d be great. Man I would have loved a database to keep my best fighters from previous saves. Hundreds of elite fighters to choose from there.

As for Funez, I plan to go for undisputed at WW then move him up again, which is no longer recommended but would go a long way for legacy.

Also, it would be cool for former champions to show “former 2/3/however many division champ” on their fighter page instead of “former WBC/WBA/IBF/WBO champ”