Need to go back with signings and contender rankings

I really believe you should be able to sign any fighter if you are a top manager with a top world class gym, I think it should go back to it was before. I also believe you should be able to fight top 5/10 fighters in the organisation. Also as development I think you should be able to move back down to a weight where you have already won a title.

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Definitely agree on the ranking qualification for title but only when we have added the mandatory defences/challengers with alternate voluntary fights with top 4 or something.


Yeah mandatory fights needs to happen helps the game become more realistic

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Don’t really agree on being able to sign anyone. Most complained the game was way too easy then. Perhaps that could be introduced into the sandbox version.

Agree rankings need adjusted slightly to make it a bit easier to have undisputed fights.


Agreed maybe not the top fighters but least like 30th in the world not 200th is the lowest I can get

You should be able to sign fighters up to 15th in the world I’d say

Just doesn’t ring true.
What we need to do is show why the fighters make the decision they do.
Why would a guy who is already high up in the rankings change management (that’s clearly doing ok)? Unless you’re MTK :wink: it’s rare.

Is it easier to sign champs in sandbox mode though? I had a champ at every weight bar one and was wishing you could sign a champ. But I think it’s good how it is. I still come across odd future champ who has had 1or 2 fights.

If you offered enough money to any top boxer they’d leave I’d say

For sure, question is how much…? And modelling it.
That said that may be a playable answer to simply scale the signing on fee.

Yeah exactly if you really want the fighter give them a bigger signing on fee I just think it’ll make the game a bit better and more enjoyable

Guess that depends on how much bigger… :slight_smile:

They would need to be at least 1 fights worth of fee and then some looking the data that is scantily available.

Yeah just whatever you need to spend like for example there’s a heavyweight I want but can’t sign now but would be willing to pay lots for him

Ha! Somehow I think we need to balance it more than that otherwise we will just gets emails saying it costs too much. Plus realism is key alongside playability.

Yeah I get that but if you believe he’s gonna be a big earner and you have more than enough money you should be able to I’ve had a fighter earning 1.7 billion from one fight. You can always earn it back

Yeah well that’s just wrong in terms of the money for that guy :wink:
Is that the regular game or the sandbox?

Either way that’s bug level wrong … Do send us a screenshot of the guy…

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I’ve heard of age being just a number but that’s taking the mickey :joy:


That said there are ancient Hindu sadhus who contest that they are over 1000 years old.
I think this may be one of these guys. In which case, watch out for the comeback!!! :slight_smile: