Next update and beta

Apologies for those awaiting our next update and beta.

Sometimes these things take time, not least when we’re not happy with some of our internal feature testing :slight_smile: We’re hard at work on fight offers and mandatories but the former in particular isn’t quite where we want it to be.

More slots for the beta group will be made available when we get this version more refined and playable.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this!! Also can’t wait for the editor data download


Is there really going to be a data editor??

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It is planned potentially after the mandatories as I heard , and hopefully it will have the option where we can download other’s databases from eg the 80s to the 90s

That sounds awesome ill mainly be using it to change the fighters names

Potentially is a great word here. :slight_smile:

We never promise stuff but it is highly likely that a data editor will make its way here at some point. We have lots on at the moment with continuing to build out more detail and features for iOS as well as our Android version.

It maybe that we bring data out first before the full editor. We will just wait and see on how things pan out as we have lots of new features under development and sometimes it’s a case of seeing how things work out when we finish them. Lots to come though :slight_smile:


Starting databases would change this whole game and I would love it