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NEW Fighter honours page.
NEW Add a son to existing save game. Create and define a son in any game . Choose your son’s name, fighter attribute emphasis, age, nationality in our latest game boost.
Minimum and maximum Age filters have been added to the Sign fighter screen.
Added medal icon in Career History to designate when a fight was contesting a regional title.
Fixed issue to now allow a fighter who is made interim world champions to automatically vacate any regional title held. This fixes the issue of multiple regional champions.
Updated shop UI.
Fixed issue where some AI champions were able to make fights with opponents not meeting the relevant title organisation’s eligibility criteria.
Improved fighter screen menu behaviour.
Improved UX on Game Records screen so that last viewed record is stored when navigating between records.
Fixed US Virgin Islands missing flag.
Added Son indicators where fighter is a manager’s son to Stable, Fighter and Fighter Contract screens. (This applies for sons created in Two Sons mode or when added via the game boost)


This is a great update!

Yeah we like.
Lots of cool little things in progress at the moment.

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Love it! Can you add a son to your existing save? If you can how do you do it?

Yeah you can. You buy the son in the shop. Then add him to whatever gym you want.

I Recently added a son but it doesn’t show up, is he under signed fighters ?

The option to add him will be in each of your gyms (assuming they have at least one available space).

Yea im not seeing it, im noticing now
the game gave me 10 Million instead of the Son being added

We have sent you a PM