Potential future idea?

I’ve been loving the new update with the Hall of fame and I was thinking maybe some of the Hall of Fame boxers could come back as trainers that you can sign. Obviously your gym would have to be known worldwide but I thought it’d be a good idea.


Fighters coming back as trainers is cool.
Trainers then dying would also be cool.

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Great idea. Alot of ex-boxers are now trainers.

Dying? Damn, Iron Mike just got all dark on us :joy::joy:

FM does the trainer thing. You get notice of retirement and then can suggest they become a trainer. That would be cool. But you probably need more than one trainer in the gym to make this work. A head trainer and corner men would be cool.

You can also improve trainers on FM. Something that would work well here. Promote a retiring boxer to corner man, then train him up to eventually replace your head trainer :thinking:

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Not as dark as having fighters dying in fight. We have avoided putting it in the public version of the game but it’s a constant topic here given that it’s a small but relevant element of the sport.

We have tried it and coded for it but it’s really shocking when you see it in the news. Haven’t had it happen to a stable fighter during a fight but can imagine it’s not great…!!!

Yeah that’s a tricky subject for sure. Could end up getting bad publicity for that, giving how many look to get outraged at anything these days. But having said that, any publicity is good publicity eh.

I’m just imagining the absolute shock of seeing your fighter getting killed :flushed::joy::joy:. I love the idea but I suspect not everyone would.

We think it would be shocking and not in a great way.

Probably right. But you have clearly also thought could be a good idea or you wouldn’t have coded it… :joy::joy:

Perhaps keep that for the bare knuckle version lol.

You have to try these things. It’s interesting for sure but not fun.

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