Real boxer name

Just done a restart in game and this fight showed up. He’s not in my stable yet.


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Ok…!!! That’s a funny one!!!

Ryan Garcia put on a few pounds


and lost something in the way of any real ability…

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Ryan Garcia’s one I can’t make mind up on. Social media hype star or the real deal. Wasn’t hugely impressed in his performance versus an ageing Luke Campbell.

I think he could easily be a star we won’t know how good he really is until he steps in with one of the big boys. Training with Canelo and Canelos team can do nothing but help though

Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing him in with the big boys. That division has ridiculous talent.

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One of the deepest divisions in the sport josh Taylor just above them all ready to slap them :joy:

Indeed. If he gets undisputed I could see a big fight with one of them before he moves up. Strangely I don’t think Americans rate Taylor that much. Think he will shock them when he knocks out Ramirez.

Another overhyped boxer. :wink::joy: