Show us your stable (post name change update)

Well I am loving the new update and been on it all day lol. Let’s see what peoples stables are starting to look like now? Be interesting to see them updated as well in a couple of weeks to see how it’s going. See if anyone can replicate a floyd mayweather career etc.

Pics below of my stable so far. Reluctant to sign many more as I have gone mad in previous saves having too many fighters.

One thing annoying me is I would preferably like an all British stable but the decent brits aren’t coming through quick enough. So I think an option to change the nationality of the fighter should come next. Just my opinion tbh.

Keep up the good work lads!!

Maybe we should throw in the old timer boxers that we spent ages researching once.


I’m a weirdo, but I need them all to be in the same era for that realism :joy:.

Been trying to restart and get a good Scottish LW - WW so I can recreate Josh Taylor. No joy yet though.


Oh to be able to download databases such as the golden era in 70s and the 90s :heart_eyes:

Huge huge addition to the game, the edit name, a game changer! Thank you for the hard work guys, you do an incredible job.


It’s a great addition.

For me, I probably won’t edit names until I can also edit opposition names. I prefer it to be realistic. If I am using real fighter names I’d like to be able to edit all names in the rankings. That would totally change the game and enhance it dramatically.

But this latest update is great, and I think many people will like the editing function.

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Real names have MANY challenges but we are actively working on solving them and this is the first step in that process at least in terms of showing stuff in the game.


That’s great. I think the game will become even more popular with more name and stat editing.

I think in-game editing isn’t so appealing - all edits prior to stating the game would be better. But just my opinion.

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Definitely pre-game.

I wonder what the legalities of including names are when there is no picture likeness. There is a football management game on iPhone that has legend names.

Need to be careful we don’t want Iron Mike getting his ass sued by the Americans who love a lawsuit. Or worse, having the real Iron Mike calling for his cut :joy:

Sounds risky.
But if players can edit names and stats, and possibly share databases…that would be more than good enough for me.

We won’t go into it here as it’s very complex and we are engaged on it with others in similar situations.

Legends however (not least dead ones) are no bother whatsoever. :slight_smile:


There are ways to do it which again without details we are actively exploring.

Yeah I know you wouldn’t do anything to risk the game :sunglasses:

There is a way to do it but requires us to do it formally and with full legal confidence which we believe we will acquire.


My ‘current boxers’ stable. Tried to keep it as accurate as possible in terms of age and weights etc. Fast running out of UK boxers I like to add now though haha