Signing prospects from different regions

Don’t know if this was taken out of the game but I remember that once you got a few champs in your stable you could sign prospects from different regions. For example I started with a gym in the USA and after getting two or three champs I was able to sign prospects from Europe without opening a gym in the UK. I just wanted to know if that was taken out of the game or it’s just harder to achieve.

I have got uk gym that attracts lots from round world. Not many are good. Uk gym was my first but problem I have is no one will sign for my us or Mexico gyms even if that’s there nationality

How many champs did you have in your stable when you started getting fighters from all around the world interested.

It normally takes a while before you can sign different regions. I might be wrong but I think it may be how many title fight wins, not how many champions. Around 20 title wins possibly?

I think I had 2 champs when I could sign fighters from other country’s but my heavyweight was undisputed champ and he had a few title defences.