Signing unbeaten fighters

I can only sign unbeaten fighters in light heavyweight and then low rankings in heavyweight but no other weight it’s frustrating, I think you should be able to sign a lot of fighters

Not sure we agree.
Once we start displaying the other/AI gyms and managers then this will become more complex and we think make sense.
No less likely to sign though :slight_smile:

Which is separate from why you can sign certain types here. We will go and look at that.

I’d quite like to be able to sign an unbeaten fighter as well the only unbeaten fighters I can sign have about 2 fights but sometimes I see an unbeaten fighter with a few more fights and I can’t sign them unless the get beat them I can sometimes sign them

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Yeah I understand not sign every fighter, but yeah only light heavyweights and heavyweight can only sign which are unbeaten and only 1-0 no higher

We are taking a look as I write.:slight_smile: