Strange glitch found

I was looking through one of my fighters records and something strange happened. I tried to replicate it but been unable. I was looking at a previous opponent then went to my fighters profile and clicked on growth tab and it showed my opponents stats and was able to add to his growth? Now for the interesting bit. Look who his trainer is.

We have also noticed this bug and that reminds us to fix it.
As for the name. We use names like this when there is a problem so that we know there might be an issue when we see it. :slight_smile:

Little known fact: He acted as an advisor on our first version of this game back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Cool guy and we still have the Kronk gear he kitted @IronMike in one day up in Manchester!


Proper legend. I would still be wearing the kronk gear 20 years later. Haha. My mate went to 2nd fury wilder fight. Before fight he bumped in to sugar hill and my pal said he was a proper sound.

He does!!! A very cool hat and an even more fetching Kronk Boxing Team t-shirt :wink: